Dogs and Cats Living Together…Mass Hysteria!

Sometimes Tabby and Subaru play fight, and in the middle of it, they just get tired and start snuggling.

Life is proceeding in an orderly fashion in spite of plagues, etc. It’s pretty quiet in Virginia.

Tom got a little robot for Christmas that he loves. It was one of those slow burn presents he didn’t really grasp when he first got it. And then one day he was, like, “Oh, look, a robot.”

He gives it rides in his little vehicles.

“You’re a pirate now!” he said.

He went to a model train show a few weeks ago, and was, of course, delighted:

Maria, meanwhile, got a nerf gun.

She shows no mercy to anyone.

Occasionally she reminds us that she’s cute.

It’s a good thing, too. She’s trouble.


The kids wanted to take a train trip. So we did, to DC. Approximately 28 hours from start to finish.

First, we had the grandparents staying with us for a week. There is a week of half days/holidays in January that causes me unholy despair every year because I’m either working, or home trying to amuse stir crazy kids. This year I was working, so my in laws were kind enough to come keep us emotionally afloat and employed for a week.

Tabby treated them like furniture, which I think is a compliment?

They went home Friday afternoon as we went to the train station.

Waiting with bated breath for the train out of Williamsburg:

On the train!

It’s nearly four hours to DC by train, which is longer than driving, but I swore a lot less than a typical drive to our nation’s capital, so there’s that. They had a good time using the train bathrooms and visiting the snack car. They were definitely ready to get off by the time we got to Union Station.

From there, we went to the hotel and enjoyed our usual hotel oriented activities (riding elevators, investigating new bathrooms, etc.), before going to sleep and getting up to swim.

After checking out and breakfasting at Starbucks and Harris Teeter (only the classiest for this crowd), we went to Artechouse, which bills itself as a tech/art museum. (Eh, I read about it somewhere.) The exhibit was called Future Sketches.

I wasn’t sure how it would go, and our moods were somewhat strained, but for all that, it was pretty cool, especially for Tom.

He spent forever at this one station that projected designs you made on a lighted table.

He wrote “Rob the bank” and “Go to jail” because he is moderately to heavily obsessed with law enforcement right now. He also wrote KURT, which he has not written of his own free will for like three years, which was exciting, but we tried to not make it a big deal. Maria enjoyed the turn-your-voice-into-art station and a few other things, but was done a lot sooner than he was.

From there we headed to National Museum of Art, where we visited one of their most beloved parts of the city: the Multiverse. It’s like a tunnel people mover of lights? Any other enjoyment of art that may have otherwise occurred there was purely accidental.

They also very much enjoyed the outside pyramid windows and yes these children remain utter mysteries to me, I swear.

By then we were getting tired, but Maria had mentioned a passing interest in viewing the Lincoln Memorial and hell if I wasn’t going to make it happen with my last ounce of energy.

We took a national mall shuttle, which made the boy happy.

(Notice Jeff staring off blankly into the distance…at…something….)

Once we got there, Tom made it very, very clear he wanted no part of the Lincoln Memorial or anything else, and these are two pictures I definitely DID NOT TAKE, because he told me to stop taking pictures of him forever.

Maria and Jeff went up.

Maria had no thoughts about Lincoln, I checked.

So by then we were REALLY tired, and got a taxi (with the nicest, chillest driver ever) to the train station to hang out and snack and check out various stores (it’s a HUGE, impressive station), before getting on train back to Williamsburg.

We got home around nine.

I would have thought this would cure them of trains forever, but they’re full of ideas about where we could go next.


Stop the ride

Life has been crazy and we have not caught up. That’s all I got.


Maria had a school dance party last Friday night and had, like, the most fun ever.

And then had her piano recital the next day.

(That’s piano teacher Miss Dr. Emily.)

On Sunday we rode our bikes around downtown Norfolk (varying amounts of stressful and fun), and ended up at JohnnyRockets and Tom’s new favorite place: the Apple Store!