It’s hard to take a bad picture at Great Dismal Swamp.

Today we rode our bikes on the Washington Ditch Trail to Lake Drummond. It was 9 (ish) miles round trip.

Honestly, these big outdoor adventures are not Maria’s favorite but she was great about it. She just needed a little Chik Fil A afterwards.

I loved it! The forest was still lush and the lake was beautiful. My knees hurt tonight, though, because I am apparently eighty now.


Sunday In The Park With Subaru

There is a water park in Virginia Beach that opens up to dogs for a day every September. Tom and I took our doggie there this year.

Though Tom was somewhat disappointed to find that his beloved furry companion would not be riding any slides, he was delighted with the dog’s delight in fetching tennis balls and swimming in the pools.


The End and the Beginning

We had a decent last weekend before school. We spent many hours at Little Island Beach with our awesome friends who are moving back to Tulsa in a couple of weeks, and whom I will miss terribly.

Lately Surge Adventure Park has been our go-to place to get exercise indoors (whether it be hot or raining or both). It’s insane.

First day for my sixth grade boy!

And my fourth grade girl!

We lasted three days of school before it got cancelled for a hurricane, which I believe is one day longer than last year. We don’t expect much more than rain and wind in our neighborhood, but since we live on a peninsula, we have tomorrow off so people who live on the water can prepare. Normally I’d be a bit more wound up about this but I have bronchitis for the second time in four months and I’m too tired to get wound up about anything, really.