January 24,2019

Subaru went to the park yesterday, and, lord of all he surveyed, he regally chose a stick and carried it home and shredded it.

As he is royalty, he does not vacuum up after himself.

Last night we went to the library to get the boy’s new passport. While Maria waited, she made herself at home.

That unicorn onesie was eight bucks on clearance. It may be the best purchase of my life.

Boy Plus Scooter

Every January our school district has a short week of half days, and I dread it, usually because by now we’ve already had a week off for snow and everyone has lost their bearings. But we haven’t had any snow at all this month (or this winter, yet), so it’s kind of nice.

The boy wanted to ride his scooter along the Virginia Beach waterfront, and he seemed to understand that it was thirty degrees, so we bundled up and did it.

Smiling, but I doubt he could feel his face.

Meanwhile, our neurologist asked that we redo the ADOS, which is the diagnostic test for autism that we went through when the boy was two. At first I was like, Do you think it’s going to come back any different? But apparently the government takes these things into account when deciding on support services for disabled adults, so in the interest of one day building a case for Medicaid and SSI, assuming we still have those things in ten years (stares into void, shakes head), it will be important.

It was a lot easier to fill out the parent questionnaire this time, as I was not agonizing over every single question. The process of acceptance has been hard, but I’m glad we got here.