And now, pictures of Tom from the back

Of course, I have many, many pictures of Tom from the back, because he’s a lot faster and more active than me. But I feel like this past week has been something special.

The kids are doing an outing a day, after hitting the books (well…worksheets, mostly), and we’re running low on new places to explore. Fortunately the places we have visited have been empty, because apparently everyone else is smarter than us and staying inside. But everyone else does not have Tom.

(Also, shout out to Jeff, who fixed our hot tub just in time for stuff to shut down. Life is gonna be easier with that up and running. Jeff can fix stuff, for real, and it’s not anything I suspected when I married him. Bonus husband skills!)

Great Dismal Swamp

Newport News Park
Lake Drummond

Great Dismal Swamp was lovely and non-dismal as ever, but I always forget that there are no garbage cans there, and we always have Subaru with us, and Subaru always, always poops up a storm there. Like, he saves it up for this place. I have never known a bag that is so solidly sealable that you could put dog poop in it and keep it in your car without stinking the car up. So, as usual, I tied the poop bag to the bike rack. And forgot about it. For days. Until Jeff had to take his bike somewhere. And he didn’t even complain! Bless that man.

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