At The Edge Of The World, Again

We went to Kiptopeke State Park today. It was a cold, misty day at the beach. The kids got nice and dirty and brought home a zillion sea shells. The bathrooms were closed, so we had to pee in the woods (not a fan!).We did not see another soul for the hour and half we were there. It felt like a win, and I don’t know how many of those we’re going to get in the next few weeks.

2 thoughts on “At The Edge Of The World, Again”

  1. reminds me our beach days in florida…we would come home (with dad driving) and we would be hot and covered in sand and couldn’t wait to get home and shower. It sure was fun finding sea shells. Glad your kids get to do that to.


  2. Creative decorating of the tree branch. The patience you have, when allowing Tom and Maria to explore to their hearts content, is a true gift to them. You are amazing.


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