The Olden Days

That was how my sisters would always describe any period of time between forty and a hundred years ago. “The Olden Days.” But they never divided that time period into the early or later Olden Days. It was all just the Olden Days. The pioneers lived in the Olden Days. So did the WW1 flying aces. And JFK. It was a very confusing time for me.

Anyways, last Monday, when the world was a bit different, I went on a field trip with the fourth grade to Colonial Williamsburg to learn about how people did stuff  in the Colonial Olden Days, and it was fun! We had a great, charismatic guide.

Here is Maria splitting wood (sort of):

We also saw a brick maker and the governor’s mansion. It was, in fact, my first trip there, despite having lived here eight-ish years. Maria loved it, too. We will totally go back (when it opens again).

The governor closed all the schools here on Friday afternoon, for probably a couple of weeks. Maria’s school is handing out work packets tomorrow afternoon. Tom’s school doesn’t have a plan yet. Obviously, Tom’s school is at a greater disadvantage here, because the kids at his school need a LOT of specialized support to learn (and Tom is no exception).

I ran out yesterday afternoon to pick up some last minute stuff. Everything was pretty crowded and life looked much the same, so, on the whole, I don’t think the residents of the Virginia peninsula are terribly concerned yet. I anticipate there are some real challenges ahead of us. I hope it doesn’t get so bad that we can’t go on hikes and bike rides.

Maria watches many Youtube channels, like many of her generation. Some of them are awesome. (Some of them I have had to ban for their sheer idiocy.) One of the awesome channels is called The Odd1s Out. It’s funny and sweet. (The guy also wrote a book that Maria and I bought and read. Quite amusing.) At one point he rants about how kids today don’t understand that once upon a time, you just turned on a TV and watched a show you couldn’t rewind, at the same time every week. She asked Jeff about this later, and I took a picture of him explaining it to her:

She stares at him, uncomprehending.

Tom is a Youtube fan, also, of course, but recently he started watching Team Umizoomi again, and his favorite episode is about a bunch of robots called Cleaning Gizmos, that run around cleaning stuff while chirping “Make Clean!” But then (plot twist!), the robots get switched from “Make Clean” to “Make Mess,” and run around messing everything up. So Team Umizoomi has to track them down and switch them back, using math. (Maria: “WHY WOULD A CLEANING ROBOT HAVE A MESSY SETTING? THAT MAKES NO SENSE!”)

The upside of all this is that he is enjoying being a cleaning gizmo.

He’s pretty good at vacuuming, but becomes alarmed when he accidentally vacuums up the wrong thing. (“Why is the vacuum smoking?” he asked today, after vacuuming up the edge of a blanket.)

Maybe this break from school will be an opportunity to work out our cleaning skills.

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