Dogs and Cats Living Together…Mass Hysteria!

Sometimes Tabby and Subaru play fight, and in the middle of it, they just get tired and start snuggling.

Life is proceeding in an orderly fashion in spite of plagues, etc. It’s pretty quiet in Virginia.

Tom got a little robot for Christmas that he loves. It was one of those slow burn presents he didn’t really grasp when he first got it. And then one day he was, like, “Oh, look, a robot.”

He gives it rides in his little vehicles.

“You’re a pirate now!” he said.

He went to a model train show a few weeks ago, and was, of course, delighted:

Maria, meanwhile, got a nerf gun.

She shows no mercy to anyone.

Occasionally she reminds us that she’s cute.

It’s a good thing, too. She’s trouble.

2 thoughts on “Dogs and Cats Living Together…Mass Hysteria!”

  1. Such nice pictures! glad things are going good…me and Charlie have been sick as dogs…hopefully will get better next week. I really like your pictures, thanks for sharing!


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