All Summered Out

We are home from various summer travels. Do I want to ever leave my house again? No. August in Virginia is soooo hot with thunderstorms nearly every afternoon or evening. But the babes, lo, are squirrelly.

Jeff’s semester has started! Not the classes (that starts tomorrow), but the meetings and advising. In any case, he’s working. Maria went to a farm day camp in Virginia Beach last week, which accomplished the task of making sure she was not in her brother’s business all day. Try to imagine going back in time a hundred years and explaining to people that you paid a farm to take your child for a week. She rode horses quite a bit, and informed me she is “pretty good” at catching chickens. She also made a unicorn out of a pool noodle and named it Phoebe and rode it around the house for days.

Here is an equally ridiculous photo of Tom wearing a chip clip.

So we’ve been on a quest for adventure locally, and the boy loves himself some go karts. He’s actually a surprisingly decent driver. This is the hobby that could bankrupt us.

It was 97 degrees, and we sat in metal cars on concrete.
Pensively eyeing the track while his midget race car is prepared. He loved it, especially when he realized he could spin out on purpose.

Although we are thoroughly Busch Gardens people, we visited a non-Busch Gardens water park in our area about a week ago, at the insistence of the boy. And let’s just say that it was an establishment that is more comfortable with risk than I am. Maria’s raft flipped over on a ride called Neptune’s Revenge, and she still has the bruise to prove it. But the boy loves this slide that drops you into the water and I just don’t see the fun here, but he obviously does.

In addition to Maria’s “farming” last week, she also tested for her yellow belt in taekwondo and hell if she didn’t rock it. Here she is breaking boards:

She’s soooooo happy.

I have plans to post more about our summerness, and the travels, and all the lovely people who hosted us. In the meantime, we have one week and one day left before the kids go back to school. We’ll swim a little, we’ll read a little, we’ll play a few games, we’ll watch too much Youtube, and we’ll hope it doesn’t rain every single day. And then we’ll officially have a fourth grader and a sixth grader.

2 thoughts on “All Summered Out”

  1. GREAT post. You keep the children so active and happy. You are a ‘wonder’. Loved seeing a bit of the new chairs and sofa. They are terrific.


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