Jaynefest (and Jeff-fest)

Sooooo, last month in another wild, optimistic lurch toward life fulfillment, I drove myself to Charlottesville to tour Monticello. I paid extra for the long, behind the scenes tour, and friends, it lasted two hours and we saw the very rafters. It was worth every penny.

Not all famous houses feel lived in, but this one, oddly, really does.

It’s a private foundation, and some of the art in the house is on loan, so you’re not allowed to take photos, except from the dome, which is unfurnished.

The view was amazing.

And then I turned older!

Jeff took me kayaking at Waller Mill, which was lovely.

Then we went to lunch at Food For Thought in Williamsburg, and I had a margarita at noon.

Today it was Jeff’s turn to get older. Jeff’s birthday is always a tricky proposition because it tends to fall on the last day of the kids’ school, or on a day we’re traveling, or like today, on a day when the kids are home for the summer, which limits our abilities to party hard.

We did manage a lunch date, though, at a biker bar called Hoss’s (recommend!), and as we were wrapping up, he told me he wanted to go to the SPCA to feed the budgies, so we did. It was so fun!

There were also super cute bunnies!

Every trip to the SPCA in which we don’t come home with another pet is a success!

He is currently up in Richmond at a pinball bar (apparently this is a thing now since my generation has gotten old). Seriously, we both have had much worse birthdays.

2 thoughts on “Jaynefest (and Jeff-fest)”

  1. Happy birthday to you both! Glad you had fun birthdays…Montiecello looks like a cool place to visit. Going to the SPCA probley made the parakeets and rabbits happy to have company. You guys are a wonderful couple!


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