Broken Maria

She broke her arm at recess today. Apparently she was going on the zip line and told her friend to push her “as hard as you can” and the friend did, and here we are.

At the urgent care, where it suddenly was obvious she also hit her head.
Later at home with her splint. Cast comes later.

2 thoughts on “Broken Maria”

  1. Poor baby!! give her a kiss from me, give her lots of calcium (yogurt and icecream) Luckily she will heal….tell her I have broken my wrist and both ankles but they healed quick!!!


  2. Oh Maria – so sorry to hear about your accident. Yet, it is go cool to be what used to be called “a tom-boy”. Hope Maria heals really quickly and can get back into the joys of kids’ activities!
    Hugs and love from Grandpa and Grandma


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