Maria's Milestones

Maria is nine years old!

“The days are long but the years are short” is the best summation of parenting I’ve heard. She’s half way to (ostensible) adulthood, people! On Monday I found myself trying to visualize those next nine years, and for the first time, I felt like I have enough data to predict that course of her life and our lives within a few degrees of accuracy. We know what middle and high school she’ll go to. We know approximately what her teenage rituals will be and where they’ll take place. She may learn to drive a car we currently own. That’s weird, right? I mean, shit happens, etc., but in all likelihood, we can tell where this story is going.

So her birthday was on a school day, and she wanted a pink bean bag chair, and a trip to Great Wolf Lodge, and an oreo ice cream cake from Donut on a Stick and these things were easy to arrange.

The birthday hat! And a handmade card from Val, ALL THE WAY FROM ENGLAND.
ChikfilA lunch. Birthday shirt by Grandparents Niehaus!
The pre-musical candle cake.

Grandma managed to find this crazy candle that lights up and spins, and, well, just watch the video:

Maria has a close friend who has the same birthday. It’s fun being a little girl with a birthday twin. She joined us at Great Wolf Lodge.

Climbing stuff he shouldn’t climb is one of his life’s greatest pleasures.

I made them go to school the day after Great Wolf Lodge because I AM THE MEANEST MOM EVER, yes! My t-shirt is currently being made.

(Seriously, though, my first impression of the Lodge was negative, and I have been proven mostly right. Yeah, the kids love it, but it’s loud, expensive, and a bit like swimming around in a warm, bacterial soup. I will not weep when they’ve decided they’re done with this place.)

So, there we go. She has a light post-birthday funk, just in time for her first SOLs, ha!

4 thoughts on “Maria is nine years old!”

  1. first of all-HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARIA(and birthday twin).love the shirt! I always tried to make the day of all their favorites.i’m glad you did.i gotaa get down there !!!!! love you all!


  2. My birthday is this month, of course, you know when your mother-in- laws is. I don’t care about the bacteria dish, I want to reenact Maria’s birthday .

    Liked by 1 person

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