Some Lies Are Sweeter Than Others

Maria has lost two teeth in two weeks, so there has been renewed interest in the Tooth Fairy. Maria is in a hazy area of childhood where she doesn’t really believe but does very much like all the benefits that come with believing. In preparation for TF, she made a “Tooth Fairy Rest Area” in her room, because, hey, collecting teeth is work.

This is a lounge area for the Tooth Fairy.

To compound all the drama that goes with tooth losing, she lost her second tooth at school and then LOST the tooth AT SCHOOL, which resulted in many tears. Her teacher sent home a note, attesting that no, she really did lose a tooth, and there were many witnesses!

However, friends were worried, so this appeared for her at school:

Maria: “Why would my friends lie about being the Tooth Fairy?”

Me: “Is it possible that they were worried about you and wanted to make sure you were ok?”

Maria has an Absolute Truth At All Times policy, which can be very, very problematic, and we are working on that.

Case in point, yesterday her brother was upset and I reassured him that we all love him, and Maria said, “Yeah. But sometimes I kinda hate him, too.”

2 thoughts on “Some Lies Are Sweeter Than Others”

  1. Maria has some sweet friends in school! Very caring. I know “the tooth fairy” will be very good to maria (money wise). Your kids are so cute!!!


  2. What a fabulous post 🙂 I can picture the tears. And can imagine how upset her friends were for her – we’ve been ‘there’ – trying to do whatever we could to soothe Maria. Maria sounds like Momo Verna who often said – I love you, but I sure don’t like you today.
    Hope the Tooth Fairy appreciated her rest area.


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