In Which We Traverse the James River, For Yetis and Whatnot

The kids’ spring break is upon us, although Jeff’s spring break has already passed, which means I now have to find random ways to fill about nine days, except it turned into ten days because the boy missed Friday due to stuffiness.

Yesterday, we tried to go to Belle Isle in Richmond, because it was nice out and we’ve never been. Reader, we got Belle Isle adjacent, and we were lucky to have even made that happen, but we had a nice day in spite of everything.

Maria was suspiciously cooperative with the plan to try something new, although it’s possible that all along she was secretly hoping to take the opportunity to indulge in her new hobby: searching for yetis. Here is her official yeti detective outfit:

Shoes happened later.

There were parking shenanigans, and Jeff got separated from us. Belle Isle is in the middle of the James River, and there are numerous bridges that cross over it. I wanted Jeff to meet us on the bridge that a kid could ride a scooter over, so I texted him to meet us on the “FLAT” bridge. In Jayne’s brain, this meant not the train bridge, nor the curvy pedestrian bridge. You know, the flat one. The “FLAT” one. Jeff read “FLAT” and wondered if it was an acronym, perhaps. He looked around and saw many bridges that have flat elements. The minutes ticked by. If Jeff had decided this was the day to escape his family and start a new life somewhere, he probably could have done so and I would have assumed he just got lost. It’s totally plausible. (He did eventually find us.)

Meanwhile, the beautiful blossoms in Richmond!

The boy scootered over the bridge again and again. The flat bridge (er, not its actual name), is made of metal slats so you can hear and see the rushing water underneath. Tom loved it. Subaru thought it was bullshit. He made his feelings clear by lying down in protest repeatedly.

He’s the best dog ever and he could not figure out why we were being so mean to him.

Maria found no Virginian Yetis (they’re a very elusive species), but she found some clues, which she wrote down in one of her super secret spy/clue/HQ/top secret notebooks (that she can’t stop showing us).

2 thoughts on “In Which We Traverse the James River, For Yetis and Whatnot”

  1. wow you guys have great adventures! I hope the kids spring vacation is wonderful for them….Luckys. That tree and Maria looked beautiful in the one picture and I bet Kurt/Tom had fun. Glad Jeff found you on the bridge!


  2. You are the BEST planner-of-adventures. Hope the next week goes very smoothly .
    Looking forward to reading about the week👍🏻👏😘


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