Adventures, and Attempts at Adventures

The boy was so chatty today, and seemed up for anything, so we went to Kiptopeke for the first time in almost a year. It was a beautiful day, and not too cold. We walked forever.

The dog went insane, actually running in circles for a while.
Sliding down the bluffs, which I’m sure is frowned upon, but I could not bring myself to care.

Earlier this week I went on a field trip to the Dominion Power nuclear station with Maria’ s class. It was kind of a bust. I was so looking forward to it, because Tom and I went there (just the two of us) last year and wandered around the exhibits and had fun. But on the field trip, they tried to make it super educational by talking at the kids for an hour, and lo, there was wiggling.

Maria had a 24 hour bug at the beginning of the week. I cleaned the living hell out of everything and so far no one else has been sick. I know those germs can hang out for a while though.

The thing with Maria is that she’s so dramatic when she’s well, her lack of drama when she’s sick is just sad.

2 thoughts on “Adventures, and Attempts at Adventures”

  1. great pictures, glad you guys had a good time. the kids are so cute…. I look forward to visiting after Charlie gets retired.


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