Pied Piper, Sorta

So, the second and third grades had a choral performance tonight, and Maria had a special part, which she was super excited about. They did a series of songs telling the story of the Pied Piper, but with significantly less death (these snowflake kids today…). The kids get turned to stone temporarily instead of drowning, or disappearing, or whatever gruesome fate the fairy tale insists on.

I feel like I should probably go ahead and tell her the real fairy tale, because the pied piper metaphor gets thrown around a lot and I don’t want her thinking it just means somebody can play groovy music on a flute and you might merely get a slightly less optimum outcome if you try to cheat an exterminator out of a contracted price

Afterwards, basking in the post-show glow with Aleena and Joy.

2 thoughts on “Pied Piper, Sorta”

  1. beautiful girl and good performance, she did a good job! (she is starting to look a little like mom when she was a younger self)…..


  2. Yikes, we missed another performance. Hope Maria isn’t ready to trade us in 😧. I vow to do my best to stop missing things due to convalescing from surgery 😉
    Totally agree with you about the real story. You’ve always spoken to her in a mature way.
    THANK YOU. for sharing the video. We thoroughly enjoyed it.


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