February 16, 2019

Maria went to a school chum’s birthday party today and got a Pokemon tattoo on her face.

“You mean it’s not permanent?” she asked several hours later, devastated.

Meanwhile, Tom asked for a book of mazes. He and I went to Barnes and Noble to look around and we found this:

He expressed tremendous initial enthusiasm. This book contains such mazes as:

He actually gave it a shot! But, I mean, dude.

Several hours later I went back to the bookstore and found an Usborn book called My First Mazes.

He immediately could be heard happily chirping, “We have to help the mouse find the cheese!” etc.

Lesson learned! Again.

1 thought on “February 16, 2019”

  1. Love Maria’s hair. Sorry she was disappointed about the tattoo.
    Hurrah for Tom. Glad he is finding new interests. Bet he’s good at solving the puzzles.


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