The Cold Ever Bothers Her Anyway

Saturday, Tom and I took Subaru the Doggie on an adventure to Ft. Monroe, a stone fortress with a freaking moat. 


It has an interesting history in that it remained in Union control during the civil war and was the eventual prison for Jefferson Davis. Besides all that, it’s a beautiful place, and it had been so many years since we’ve been there that the boy didn’t even remember it.

(Which means we’ve lived here so long that there are places we visited when we first moved here that the kids were too young to remember now. Which is weird. My kids are Virginians.)

Up the side of the fortress is this super long, steep slope.

Tom was raring to ride his scooter down this slope, but his inherent chickenness kicked in at the last minute. So he tells me he’s going to “roll down the hill” first, to try it out, then come back up for his scooter.

“Are you sure you want to do that? It’s brick. It might hurt…”

But oh yes he wanted to do that.


Having tested the terrain, he concluded there was no need to scooter down.

It was cold this weekend, which does not keep Tom indoors. But you can count Maria out of all outside activities in the cold, as is evidenced by this photo from our family ride on the Capital Trail:

Her head hurt, her ears hurt, her eyes hurt, her hands were numb in spite of gloves, she was dying. It was forty four degrees.

The weekend opened, however, with a bowling party thrown by the autism school. The kids fought bitterly the whole drive there and the whole drive home, but managed to enjoy the actual bowling part. Tom’s score was 101, the highest in our group, which I feel is impressive considering his technique involves basically throwing the ball down the lane. It’s more like shot putting than bowling, but it seems to be working for him.

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