Kurt's milestones

A Boy Turns 11 (and a little bit of other stuff)

Time flies when you’re having fun, and when you’re consumed with worry, and when you’re eating too many processed carbs. Time just flies.

So, I have an eleven year old.

He is probably a bit younger than your average eleven year old, but nevertheless, he is eleven. He loves Roblox (it’s a video game), sharks, swimming, jumping on trampolines, conveyor belts (really, he just thinks they’re cool), road trips, elevators, cars, trucks, and all law enforcement vehicles. He loves the movies Deep and Finding Dory. He likes school. He sleeps on shark sheets. He checks the phase of the moon every day and tells us what it is.

He remains spectacularly sweet.

He spent his birthday at Great Wolf Lodge, by request. And this time, nobody threw up.


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