2018 Is Not Impressing Me So Far

 There was a time, circa 2002-2003, when our life was so awesome it was kind of embarrassing to talk about.

Reader, that time has passed.

First, look at this face. Cute, right?


He turned ten on January 2nd. We were with the Boston Kraxaws at nearby Great Wolf Lodge, swimming and water sliding while the world was frozen outside.

IMG_8504 3
IMG_8504 3


The kids had a fabulous time. The adults had a surprisingly decent time considering Jeff and I spent about 26 hours lying in beds and on bathroom floors, in the dark, casually wishing for death. Both the sickness and the death wishes passed, and in a truly impressive display of immunity, the Kraxaws never really got the same incarnation. 

But back to the boy.

As far as his education goes, Kurt has hit a wall. Also, some teachers. He's thrown things, broken things, kicked things, kicked people, and in general has made many people regret his immediate presence. For a while we experienced this at home and at school, but now he saves it up for spectacular meltdowns at school, typically in the afternoon. This has been happening for weeks now. Last Thursday we were at the school having a meeting about his recent suspensions when we got word that he was being suspended. Right then in the middle of the meeting about his suspensions. 

He's also fallen behind academically to the point where no one thinks he'll catch up, which begs the question of why we keep sending him every day. I do not have a clear answer to that question, except 1. he still says he likes school, and 2. there is a benefit to getting up and going to the place you have to go everyday, to see the people you like and to do what you have to do, and 3. what are our other options, really?

But we're at a crossroads here. His life is going to have to change one way or another in order for his education to continue. I knew this would happen eventually, but I didn't know what it would look like. Jeff and I send him to school and pass our workdays in claustrophobic bubbles of angst, waiting for the call that he's done it again. 

It sucks, especially since, in the midst of all this, he's been more conversational than ever, and constantly cracking us up. Today we were driving up to the science museum in Richmond and he said the car behind us was a 2018 Subaru Outback. We could only see the front, so I said, "How do you know?" 

And he answered, "Because I'm smart." 


5 thoughts on “2018 Is Not Impressing Me So Far”

  1. Oh, Jayne. I don’t have any words. I wish I knew what to do to make this better for you and for Kurt. Know that I care very much and am cheering you on from across the miles.


  2. Stressful!! I was just tattooing a client and she is literally going through the same thing with her 12yr old son,he was diagnosed a couple years ago.he is now in a Montessori school (not sure what that is to be honest lol)and seems to be doing better.
    Do you guys have a DDS worker?maybe they could help open up some options?


  3. I wish things were easier for Kurt and you and Jeff, thank goodness you have kept up your sense of humor, that helps a lot with things! I like Heidis idea of a diffrent kind of school? He sure is a beautiful looking boy! I am praying for help for you.


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