Special Olympics Meet in May

This took place in a suburb of DC, and we drove through some spectacular traffic to get there (late). But we got there.

Here is Maria with her signature crazy hair:





Maria is a few inches shorter and a few shades paler than most everybody in any room, but this was something special:


IMG_7074 3




The waiting around was tough for the boy. As Jeff and I were hanging out between events he mentioned, "Yeah, this is pretty much what I remember about sporting events. The waiting."  Which makes me think I was a pretty lucky kid to have not played any sports growing up. 

Kurt was quite cute in his little outfit, though.



When awards time came around, Maria happily preened while Kurt hid on the balcony. He was a little stressed about the attention. He loves gymnastics, but I am not sure I would put pressure on him to compete again. He is just not the competitive type.







Either way, we will definitely be back at gymnastics next year! 


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