Maria's Milestones

Maria is 7 years old!

I have no real idea how tall she is or how much she weighs, although she goes in for her yearly check up tomorrow. I can report that looks tall enough for her age group, but that she seems smaller somehow. She has skinny little arms and legs and a fabulous face with cheekbones from I don't know whom. Nobody on my side at least.

She had a very full day, which was fitting, since she had been looking forward to her seventh birthday for the previous three hundred and sixty four days. She got up at 5:30 that morning, which was a total shock to the rest of the house. All day long she told strangers it was her birthday, as if there might be some confusion.


She was pensive at the birthday cake. Seven years old makes a girl think.


She spent most of the morning with her buddy Aiden at Busch Gardens. (Maria has buddies!)

FullSizeRender 12



 Trying, and failing, to make a sad face while waiting for her Red Robin lunch:





After lunch, there was ice cream and cake at home with school and neighborhood friends. After the chaos of last year's birthday party, I had but one request: not another party with her whole class in a loud, crazy place. This felt like a nice compromise. A few friends came over and were lovely and sweet. One particular dude tried to put together her Playmobil hospital, and bless his little heart for trying. 



And as if that were not enough, the group that puts on the kids' special needs camp was coincidentally having a "sensory friendly" pool party, so off we went.



Afterward, she changed out of her swimsuit into jammies, because who couldn't predict this would happen?




3 thoughts on “Maria is 7 years old!”

  1. oh your kids are so photogenic and Maria looks so much like you Jayne, Kurt is getting so handsome. I am so glad she had a great birthday!! thanks so much for sharing it…


  2. Looks like a great day was had by all. I can’t believe you can just add a zero to Maria’s age and you’ll get Grandma Marlo and my age Sunday. Scary! Isn’t it!😂


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