Twas the Day Before School

Jeff's university does not take Labor Day off. I don't know why. Jeff doesn't know why. It's possible that no one at administration knows why. Anyway, Jeff had to work today. 

I, however, got today off. After playing Monopoly with Kurt (because he plays Monopoly a minimum of twice a day) I took the kids to the Norfolk Botanical Gardens. I don't feel like I've ever properly raved about the Children's Adventure Garden.  It totally lives up to its name. Lots of paths, bridges, nooks, and fountains. And even a few plants. We've spent a lot of time here. 

I'm very fond of the little rainbow tunnel.


At the end of this rainbow is a rainbow fountain. Here is Maria exercising her Frozen powers with impunity.



Kurt ran around like he owned the place and then just took off his shirt and went feral. It was for the best. I had to tell him to please stop licking the globe.





Maria is terrified of winged creatures that actually exist. (Fairies are just dandy.) But she is starting to believe that butterflies do not exist, as she initially feared, solely to eat her alive. 


IMG_5858 (1)

Alas it was one of the few recent chances my children have had to see summer flora. The predictable coda to the story of how we bought a house with a lavishly landscaped yard is that two years later we paid a guy to please UN-landscape our yard for the love of everything holy. What he didn't manage to annihilate in the first round, Grandpa Bob scourged over a two week August visit. Crab grass and hardy bushes aside, our front yard is now boring and blissful. (The backyard remains a jungle. I'm cool with it.)

Three day weekends mean something to me now that I've been dragging my ass out of bed Monday through Friday for a year now, and I'm ambivalent about that. It's an embarrassingly pleasant job. (Well, it's an embarrassingly pleasant life, who am I kidding?) My only real complaint about the job is that it steals time and emotional resources I could otherwise spend on the kids. Sometimes it doesn't feel like money is a good enough exchange for that, especially considering that they aren't going to be kids for much longer.  But I suspect that's pretty much every working parent's lament. 

Tomorrow is the big day! Maria has been quiet about starting first grade, and I'm wondering if she's a little nervous. She did not get sorted with her school bestie, and she's sad about it.

Kurt has not been quiet. Kurt talked about third grade all day today. He told me, Jeff, Maria, and the cats. After a good summer of camp, visits, travel, and swimming, he is just totally ready, people.

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