A Summer of Pictures

We have ten more days of summer vacation left. Camp has already been over for two weeks, so it's touch and go here. Jeff is back at work and wine is being purchased by the box. The problem, for once, is Maria. She has gone on a terror rampage, continually announcing that she wants to "ruin" things, and then going right on ahead and doing that. She has torn apart rooms like a drunken rock star cliche. (As I type this, her delicate princess slippers can be seen stomping her animal crackers into the rug, for no apparent reason, as her eyes glow with evil. I'M BARELY EXAGGERATING.) In the car, she sometimes starts randomly hitting Kurt. And he, after years of being conditioned to not raise a hand against his sister, just sits there and takes it and cries. (Seriously, we need to find some middle ground there.) 

But assuming we survive the next ten days, it will have been a very decent summer. Here are the highlights.

The Swimming!





 The Camp!

Maria had full day camp for seven weeks at the Jewish community center in Newport News. We and she already knew she loved that place, so there were no surprises there, although she asked me one Friday afternoon if I could bake her some Challah bread, and Reader, I had to look up what that was. 

The big surprise was Kurt, who attended seven weeks of half time, special needs camp. I was terrified. Last summer's attempt at our local special needs camp was disastrous, and he hated it. I didn't want to try it again and neither did he. Meanwhile, Newport News, the bigger city near us, cancelled ALL of its recreation programs for the disabled, which is a depressing development on all kinds of levels. So, I had to go the next county over, which meant an 80 minute round trip drive twice a day to get him there and back. But we did it. And he loved it and will definitely go back next year. He loved the other kids and the counselors and the whole situation. Days of Discovery in James City County. Worth the drive! Worth the money!  Just worth it.

Here he is at pick-up, in his usual post-camp afterglow.





But most of these moments were caught in non-camp related shenanigans.



IMG_3810 (1)


Kurt is riding his bike around our neighborhood daily, no training wheels, and having a blast. He also likes to talk his parents into playing "Bike and Seek" with him, which is exactly what it sounds like. Hide and seek on bikes! It is, um, not a complicated game.


 Grumpy morning fairy princess:


 But happy dancer with pink pig tails:



With Pete-y, my beloved bear from childhood:


 In her $12 pink mermaid costume (Bargain!):



 Feeding her baby. She really, really wants to feed her baby real food…

IMG_3949 (1)



…which is a spectacularly bad idea.



 Grandma came to stay for a week whilst Jeff went fishing with Grandpa:




Grandma in the ocean with Kurt so I don't have to be! Woohoo!



And the kids discovered two new places they love. Rebounderz, for one:




And the all-you-can-climb Sunday night deals at Warhill Sports Complex.  They are obsessed.




Your baby never looks so small as when she's attached to harness twenty feet in the air. Here's Kurt being encouraging:




Meanwhile, Kurt has renamed our house Los Angeles after finding Los Angeles on Google maps, because I have no idea. Tonight I clarified with him that he was just pretending, and that he knows he really lives in Yorktown, right?

Kurt: "Yorktown wants to be Los Angeles."

Me: "But does it, Kurt? I mean, does it really?"

(It does not.)


1 thought on “A Summer of Pictures”

  1. can your kids get any cuter? Kurt is getting so handsome! maybe yur future is in los angeles? maybe kurt has esp?
    I’m so glad you had a good summer, Maria must be bored!


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