A Brief Note About The Girl Maria

This photo is actually from a couple of weeks ago on exotic (to me, anyway) Long Island, where we went with the grandparents and NYC Niehomes.



I was looking back through the pictures tonight while desperately trying to procrastinate from studying for my Texas Politics class. (Yes, that's a real class I have to take, because Texas does not want you to breeze through its nursing education programs without fully grasping the Awesomeness of Texas. The worst part of it, I regret to say, is that I may actually be learning some shit.)

Anyway, we all had good hours at the beach despite a random woman walking up to us one morning and announcing that she was certain she saw a shark fin out there. "Wow….thanks," said my sister-in-law and I in unison as we quietly reached for our phones to start Googling some combination of "sharks," "Long Island," and "crazy." While I respect that sharks are out there and want to eat us, I frown on my fellow citizens broadcasting unconfirmed shark sightings, because DON'T WE HAVE ENOUGH TO WORRY ABOUT. In conclusion, um, there were no sharks.

The girl Maria has since officially lost her first tooth.


The girl Maria sometimes insists we call her Queen.


The girl Maria still thinks her brother is the Best Human Ever. (Except when Sawyer's around. Then it's kind of a tie.)


FullSizeRender (4)

7 thoughts on “A Brief Note About The Girl Maria”

  1. she does look so much lie you Jayne, except for Lisas freckles. Your kids are so sweet and beautiful to me!
    Thank you for the wonderful pictures..


  2. Living on the beach in N.C. i see nothing unusual with saying there is a shark in the water. Of course she should be called Queen and that should be a daily name. We love all of you!


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