Maria's Milestones

Maria is Five Years Old!


Height: 44-ish inches

Weight: 37-ish pounds 

(Maria is, as they say, a wisp of a girl.)


She celebrated with her grandparents and our neighbors. Pizza was involved. Also, Marlo and I collaborated on a pink cake that turned out pretty cool if you didn't look too hard.



She was really, really excited about her birthday. She'd been making birthday demands plans since January, including what she wanted to eat, what she wanted to wear, where she might go, what she might do, and what pink gifts we could be so good as to wrap in pink paper for her.And though many ideas were bandied about, in the end we decorated the house and gave her a few things we knew she'd like, and made sure she would have a special outfit. It was a pretty great day.

To begin with, Jeff and I (and a bunch of other people) attended her IEP and kindergarten (!) transition meeting. The consensus is that she's doing about as well as any of us could hope. Is she behind, developmentally speaking? Yes. But not as much as I feared. And the awesomeness is so very awesome. 

2015-03-25 09.47.25


  2015-03-25 09.47.14












 There's the singing (sometimes with original material!), the monkey bars badassery, and the need to put dolls and puppets to sleep all over the house in custom made pot holder beds. Playing and scheming take up her whole day. She's interested in trying to read and figuring out how things are spelled. She's starting to ask "Why?" in that very annoying and deeply reassuring way that I have seen other people's kids do. She says things like, "When I grow up I can drive myself to Busch Gardens and ride the scary roller coaster and Kurt can come with me!" 

(One day she told me she that when she grows up she's going to be a pilot and fly her own pink airplane and it suddenly occurred to me that I have spent way too much of my life worrying that I would have a kid who's a sociopath and way too little of my life worrying that I would have a kid who loves to fly. )

Though she is an excellent influence on her big brother, she lives an unfair truth. The more super cool, regular old normal kid stuff she does, the less inclined I feel to shout it from the rooftops. I am starting to take her progress for granted. She's still a special ed student, possibly until she graduates. But I am finding myself confidently planning for a future that has Maria going off to college, having a grown up job, a partner, and maybe even worrying herself into an early grave over kids of her own some day! 



It's a good feeling.





3 thoughts on “Maria is Five Years Old!”

  1. It IS a good feeling! Thank you for the fantastic post.
    Maria had a very pinkilishous birthday and it was lots of fun!


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