Ups and Downs, Strikes and Gutters

(If I ever feel that my children can be trusted to hurl heavy objects in the general vicinity of humans, I will take them bowling, and I may recycle this title. But we're a long way from that time.)

Let's just get this out of the way: no, the bathrooms are not fixed. In fact, I'm pretty sure the bathrooms will never get fixed. Sure, theoretically, insurance companies and contractors will all get their crap together and give us new floors and functional plumbing. But I no longer believe it. I have resigned myself to sleeping in the Bedroom of Despair, filled with toilets, for all the rest of my days.

That said, it's not all doom and gloom and broken toilets. We had Halloween, for instance, and that went quite well. In August I bought the kids train costumes, but by October they were coming out their Thomas phase (we hit Thomas Land just right, I tell you). They both chose to wear their pumpkin costumes from last year, which was cool.

But the coolest part was that they ACTUALLY TRICK-OR-TREATED! I mean, for real. With no coaxing on our part or anxiety on their part, they went from door to door and rang the door bell and said the requisite magic phrase to get candy. They didn't really eat much of the candy (my kids are weird), but they seemed awfully excited to be a part of the whole thing.

Photo 1 (19)


Guess whose pumpkins are whose!



I had an awesome idea for a couples's costume and then utterly failed to hold my end up, so here's Jeff.


 This little bit of Halloween victory has arrived as part of a greater pattern. In general, they've been much more chill about life. Kurt got a haircut at an actual barber yesterday. The kids play together all weekend, and they play their own little games: "Spaceship" and "Doc McStuffins" and "Boat." It's a bit scripted, but it's still pretending and it's still a minor miracle.

 Speaking of "DocMcStuffins," the kids are big fans now. Like I said, they are drifting out of their Thomas phase. They still love him and his ilk, of course, but their little minds are expanding. In fact, they've also been enjoying Daniel Tiger and the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Check this out:




(Those are the ears we bought him way back when.) 

Anyway, this can only mean one thing. The Time Draws Nigh. And I can't wait. 

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