Maria's Milestones

Maria is four years old!!!



Here's Daddy reminding her that she cannot eat her cupcake until we have set it on fire first:




 Blowing out her admittedly meager set of candles in one swoop. Not bad for a NICU kid!



 She further celebrated by eating 4 more cupcakes, and spending hours in a spa with Kurt and our neighbors' daughters while we barbecued and socialised with grown ups. (Getting attention from older girls  makes her day, month, year, whatever. She loves it. I fear for her high school years.)

She sang Happy Birthday to herself all day, and opened presents and had a great day. She also announced at least three times, "Mommy, my bumpers need buffing!" Because she does that. A lot. And expects us to rub her forehead accordingly.

More to come as soon as I finish my homework. (Yes, I have homework these days. That'll be one of the things I tell you about. Sigh.)

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