Spring Plague, er, Break

 Maria decided to make up for months of health by getting some wacky combination of pink eye, stomach flu, and now an upper-but-rapidly-becoming-lower respiratory infection. The good news is that this week's trip to the doctor marked the first time said doctor was able to do a thorough check up on her without her screaming. (This fear of doctors has always perplexed me about Maria. She's clearly a hypochondriac, talks about her "terrible cough" that is almost never that bad, and asks for a band aid an hour on a usual weekday, but doesn't like going to the doctor? Come on!)

Anyway, part of what made it a success is that Maria brought her own doctor kit. Here she is giving Pete the Cat a check up in the office parking lot.


 She napped off and on today, but took time to play in her new house, lovingly, and perhaps at one point, drunkenly constructed by her father over the course of many, many more hours than anyone ever imagined it would take.


 Alas, this new house of hers does not have a toilet, which is a shame because she TOTALLY uses one now. Her transition from diaper kid to potty kid was abrupt, happened during the chaos of the move, and probably involved lots of other things that aren't supposed to happen according to the baby books.

The Move! Ah yes, just like that*, we're moved. Kurt loves the new place. We love the new place. It felt like home faster than possibly any other house I've ever moved into before. Below is the picture Kurt's teacher emailed me the other day. Happiest Boy Ever.



*Just like that= gobs of worry, an expensive day of paid movers, Jeff's parents coming and spending hours and hours and hours getting the old house ready for renters and watching the kids while Jeff and I ran errands and moved fifty trunk -fulls of fairly random crap that the movers didn't get, and a trip to Ikea that took ALL DAY, and many mgs of ibuprofen for sore backs and knees, and much comfort food consumed, and a fence plan submitted to the HOA that we haven't heard anything back about, and the discovery that somehow the recent installation of new fiber optics had somehow resulted in our cable being literally cut followed by a subsequent re-installation of cable line that has yet to be buried, and a new fridge that almost didn't fit but then did and a new adirondack glider that almost fit on the front porch but then didn't, and me slipping on the lovely, uncarpeted, very hard stairs about three times already.
Also, I did my thing where I replace all the plain white light switch plates with fancy plates that have things like Van Gogh's Starry Night on them, which really annoys the crap out of Jeff. But when I'm dead, he won't let you touch those fancy light switch plates because they'll remind him too much of my fierce individuality or some such nonsense, just you wait and see.

7 thoughts on “Spring Plague, er, Break”

  1. Great story Jane, as always.Love the photos of the babes and Maria,s House, Go Jeff and YEAH Maria on potty training. Hugs Val xxx


  2. Wow, two major hurdles ….potty and doctor! So happy for you. Hope Pete The Cat checked out okay 😄
    Such a treat to see Kurt so happy, and Maris enjoying her outdoor house! Bet she was crazy excited!


  3. I have much jealousy regarding your light switch covers! Plain light switches, white walls, and mini blinds are such hallmarks of rentals…


  4. Jayne, you used to want bandaids on your hands too. That phase didn’t last to long. The kids look wonderful, wow Kurts is getting some new teeth. I bet your new house is beautiful. I did that with the light switches too. Bugged Charlie but he let me…it must be a Tetloff thing.!!
    Glad you got all moved in and I hope Maria gets to feeling better quick….Glad Jeffs parents were their to help. It is hard to move!…love ya..


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