Kurt is Six Years Old!

He doesn't look too impressed, does he?



After school today, to the surprise of absolutely no one, he requested McDonald's fries, so off we went to his best loved McD's Playplace. He ate up and almost even behaved. When it was time to leave he announced,"Okay, cupcakes and presents!"

Jeff used a Kirkland waffles box to wrap up an assortment of cars and trucks for him, and when he opened it (still a novel, awesome sight to watch), he exclaimed with genuine joy, "It's waffles!"

Photo 17

 (To be fair, the boy does love waffles.)

But he was just as pleased to see the real present.

Photo 18


Current vital stats: Right about 48 inches tall, and about 42-ish pounds. If he has any fat on his body, we haven't found it yet.

Current passions: Pete the Cat and his groovy buttons! Trains! Dropping things from a great height. (That's annoying, but he does it.) Things that go fast! Finding words that rhyme, even if he has to make words up. For instance, helephone is not a real word, but it's the only thing he can think of to rhyme with telephone, so there you go.

Current crosses to bear: his ever loving baby sister.

He had a fab Christmas, too, and I will tell you about it later. In the meantime, here he is hanging out with the dryer. He likes the dryer. It spins, there are numbers. You get it, right? Also, he can put blankets in there and make them nice and hot and then lie down on the laundry room floor and wrap himself up. That's my boy!

Photo 20


5 thoughts on “Kurt is Six Years Old!”

  1. Happy birthday, Kurt! Happy anniversary of parenthood, Jayne and Jeff! (For B’s birthday, we put his gift in an instant oatmeal box, and when he opened the paper, he was excited for oatmeal. He does like oatmeal. 🙂 )


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