Hi Ho

 It's a rare month that I don't blog, but here we are, three weeks and counting. We've been sick and grouchy, especially Kurt (Sick) and especially me (Grouchy).  Maria has been Sneezy and Stuffy (Snuffy?), which I guess makes Jeff Snow White.

Anyway, it was Halloween and we had the Grandparents Niehaus, with us in all our sick, snuffy, grouchy glory. Thay cleaned and cleaned, and ran errands and fed us and humored us and held children down to give antibiotics. And we returned the favor by being….well, I guess I covered it already.

I never went on a single field trip to a pumpkin patch growing up in Central California, but apparently this is really a thing on the East Coast.

Here's Maria doing an interpretive dance in a corn maze.



With the pumpkin she "picked." (I picked it while she hilariously tripped on the pumpkin vines about ten times.)




Kurt's class took a separate trip, and here he is beckoning the perfect pumpkin using Jedi methods.



Kurt really did pick his own. Her grabbed the absolutely heaviest one he could carry.



The field trip was his first day back at school after a week of this:




Maria was happy to see the grandparents, although she like Grandpa from a distance still.



 We carved our pumpkins, and as usual, Jeff wins.



 Maria and her friend Hailey (who is actually in Kurt's class).




 I'm cute here, but I felt miserable. Approximately one hour after this was taken, I was dead asleep.




Kurt trick or treated at about three houses, which is something of a record. Maria did three or four. As a holiday, it's coming along. I should point out that the pathogens didn't really keep anyone from consuming vast quantities of sugar, which is the most important thing.

2 thoughts on “Hi Ho”

  1. oh so cute, jayne you looked beautiful in the picture for halloween and the kids are going so quick! jeff did a great job on the pumpkins! Maria looks so much like Jeffs mom. glad they were there to help out…charlies mom used to help out with us..love you so much!


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