A Tale of Two Boats

When we were in the Poconos this August, we took a ride in a rowboat. It was a lovely, wooden, well-maintained little vessel, as one would expect to find at a nice resort that caters to reasonably well-off Northeast city folk. The kids loved it.


Maria "helped" Jeff with the rowing. She took the job very, very seriously.


Today at Newport News Park, on a whim really, we tried it again. Well, first we tried a canoe. That lasted about ninety seconds. (Canoes: narrow. Scary. Now I know. Bless my husband for not being a douchebag about switching boats after we were already launched.)

We climbed back up on the dock and found a nice, wide rowboat. Newport News Park, it should be noted, does not cater to reasonably well-off Northeast city folk. It caters to old guys who fish. So instead of a well-maintained wooden vessel, we got a spider infested metal vessel.

That inexplicably had a lot of water in it.

Photo (3)

(Okay, maybe that doesn't look like a lot of water to you, but trust me, when you're sitting in a little spider infested boat, any amount of water on the bottom seems like an awful lot.)

However, while I breathed deep and tried not to think about water or drowning or Titanic, my only comfort being the jumbo pixie stick Jeff got me at the ranger's station, the kids had a blast. Maria insisted on rowing again.

Photo (4)

Kurt sloshed around in the watery bottom of the boat, picking out leaves and tossing them into the lake ("Buh-bye leaves!").

Photo (8)


(Jeff did not let his rowing duties interfere with keeping up on Reddit.)

Photo (6)

 We returned to the dock, sorta dry. Maria, satisfied with the rowing assistance she provided, announced "I rock!" (Yes, she really did say that.) Kurt, meanwhile, gave us the highest praise he could offer regarding any experience, ever. We got a totally unprompted full sentence:

"That was a very good boat."

Photo (5)

4 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Boats”

  1. You just gave us many smiles and lots of recall from your first rowboat adventure – the one where the entire resort heard Maria’s protests over having to get out of the rowboat 🙂 She does love boating – so pleased you found a local place to allow her and Kurt to indulge.


  2. You make every outing sound wonderful! I am enjoying your blogs and hearing about your life and family….the kids are doing wonderful…:)


  3. Oh, Annie, every outing is not wonderful. There is screaming and bribing and cajoling and pushing and yelling and lost items. But I try to not dwell on that part of it.


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