After a long, long, looonnnng drive back from the Poconos yesterday, during which two small children basically behaved in spite of being reduced to amusing themselves by playing catch with an empty Tostitos bag, Jeff went back to work. I reacted the way I usually do at the end of the summer, which is to be confused and neurotic and wonder what the hell I was doing before the break. (Sometimes it takes me weeks to remember.) 

The trip was great, but I'll tell you about it later. In the meantime, here are some pictures of my beloved bumblebee checking herself out in the mirror.


6 thoughts on “Bumbling”

  1. I somehow got very behind on reading your blog for the past two months…just caught up and am glad you guys had such a fun summer. I’m sure the kids loved it. I hope they both do really well and enjoy their classes when school starts! I’ll be anxious to hear how it goes for both of them.


  2. Uncle Rick and I spent our honeymoon in the Poconos also. We are planning our 45 anny in Nov. to be there also. She is such a cute bee!


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