Maria's Milestones

Maria is three years old!

Three years after my so-called womb tried to smother the life out of her, we celebrated the heck out of Maria's birth on Monday.


I'm not a hundred percent sure she fully grasped the whole birthday thing, but she certainly felt special. Her expression said it all: Cupcakes? Really? Twice in a day? If you say so. More new toys? Yes, please. Swimming? McDonald's? This is the best Monday ever!

She did indeed have cupcakes at school (finding kosher cupcakes in southern Virginia is no easy feat), and again at home with her brother. She, of course, wore the birthday hat.


So how's she doing? Not too stinking bad. What is she doing? Well, because she's a girl, she loves beads and dresses and flowers. Because she's a kid, she loves playgrounds and balls and stickers, and singing and dancing, and playing with her Fisher-Price little people, and frequenting the local chain of pathogen zoos bouncy houses. And because she's Maria, she loves airplanes and really big spiders.

I wish I were kidding. She calls them "tarangalahs." She's especially fond of watching this Youtube, which really gets going about a minute in. It's not for the arachnophobic.

So, we got her a stuffed spider. Here she is showing it to the camera.


Crap my kids are weird.

 Developmentally speaking, she's got letters and numbers and colors and basic shapes down cold and she can climb anything. She is very, very shy around people she doesn't know, including other kids. (A child of mine socially underdeveloped and awkward? Shocking!)

Height and weight? Your guess is as good as mine. We're not as focused on numbers these days. I can confirm that Maria has gone from being a little wonderbun to a pretty average sized three year old, although, if our childhood photos are any indication, she's smaller boned than either of us were at her age.

She is not potty trained. She is not close to being potty trained.

And while she hardly ever wants to do what I tell her, she seems to have no problem taking orders from her puppets. So I still have the edge here. 

4 thoughts on “Maria is three years old!”

  1. How funny. Terrific that you have found your ‘edge’ with Maria. Hope you own lots of puppets :-). We are pleased she had a wonderful day. It has been an awesome 3 years so far – full of delights, surprises, spontaneous tears and hearty laughter from Maria. The Wonder of Maria is a great thing to unravel.


  2. she sounds alot like Heidi.. spiders eech! so glad she had a good birthday..! she is so cute and looks so much like you at that age…!!!


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