In The Swing Of Spring

I wouldn't call the weather these days awesome, but Virginia is green again and holy crap am I relieved. We're spending more time outdoors and getting into all shorts of shenanigans.

We were at the haunted playground* last week and Kurt decided to climb his first tree. Which meant that eight seconds later Maria also decided to climb her first tree. Bloody hell if they ever should look at the camera for me at the same time.


Photo103*haunted=next to a Confederate graveyard and a rotting, half finished mansion, and the place is always covered in spider webs. Always. Trust me on this.

 Jeff's classes are finished!!! Huzzah!!!! Yes, there are still finals. Yes, there are still many papers to grade. Yes, there are students taking incompletes whom he will have to deal with over the summer. (I hope he's not reading this. I don't want to depress him.) Nevertheless this still means far fewer hours away from home. I live for Jeff's time off. (As, I believe, does Jeff.)

Anticipating spending more time on our back patio, we bought a lovely, khaki triangular sail to hang from the house to the fence for shade. Jeff put it up, and it was beautiful and totally effective. But, alas, someone from the HOA came by and asked us to remove the "tarp." 

This necessitated a trip to Lowes to buy an umbrella. Not only did we find a nice one, but Kurt got to visit his own little slice of heaven.

So, the pool opens in a month and we're totally ready, except I can't find my swimsuit. I can't think of a reason why it would have walked out of my house, but I hope it turns up because like I really want to go swimsuit shopping again.
Apparently the kids will both look at the camera when it's Jeff taking the picture.

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