Train To Somewhere

Kurt's been on subways, trams, a monorail, and the smallish locomotives one finds at Disneyland and Busch Gardens, but before Sunday had never been on a full sized, full service train. Given his (and Maria's, at this point) love of all things train related, not to mention the amount of times he's made us watch Polar Express, it seemed a travesty.

But we weren't sure how long of a ride he and Maria could reasonably sit for without driving us and everybody else on the train absolutely batty, so we decided to start small. It turns out Amtrak runs a forty five minute train from Newport News to Williamsburg and back, but nothing is ever easy, and when we analyzed all the logistics involved, we decided it would be easiest to drive to the station in Newport News, take a taxi to the Williamsburg station (the same price as a train trip, I kid you not), then board the 11:25 am train back to Newport News. Explaining this to the taxi diver was hard.

 Here we are at the Newport News station, waiting for our taxi. Although we were careful about what we told him ahead of time (lest he get too wound up),Kurt figured out what was happening pretty quick.

Photo (100)


Photo (97)

In the taxi.

Photo (98)

Photo (99)


The rather lovely Williamsburg station.

Photo (95)

Photo (91)


The kids having a ball playing with handicap automatic door button.

Photo (89)


Me telling them to knock it off.


At long last, our train's a-comin'!

Photo (2)


Real trains are big and crazy loud.

Photo (93)



They were both a bit nervous at first.

Photo (90)


But it wasn't long before they made themselves at home.

Photo (92)


Once we were back in Newport News, Kurt said "Buh-bye train!"



So, overall, a success!

I was going to blog about the stomach flu from hell we recently had, but aren't you glad I picked this instead?

4 thoughts on “Train To Somewhere”

  1. i love train travel.i’m glad they did good.and glad to hear you guys lived through the throw-up flu.i can’t tell just how many times it ripped through the family when we were growing up.


  2. Oh, how great! Glad Kurt got to ride ON the train. Is this worth repeating? Thanks for the blog – ALWAYS a treat for us.


  3. Two quick comments:
    1. Handicapped buttons are fun… if our tax dollars are going to pay for them the least we can do is press the magic buttons to make the doors open.
    2. I don’t get Polar Express at all… I expected something much more fun.
    I don’t think either of these points are particularly worth writing or thinking about, but I had nothing useful to say, and my mother always said if I don’t have anything nice to say just say something irrelevant.


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