The Good: We had a warm, sunny January day. WOWZA. And my boy? Utterly agreeable.

The Bad: I almost certainly owe you an email, a text, a letter, a phone call, a birthday card, a visit, a FB message, a Skype, an encrypted note in invisible ink, or a fruit basket. January is a slog for me, people. I should really just start drinking New Years Eve and keep on until March 21st.

The Ugly: I lost my keys, like, weeks ago now. It's a long acceptance process. I re-traced my steps a few times, called places repeatedly in the hope that someone turned them in (the ranger at Deer Park started to recognize my voice, so I stopped), and looked everywhere in my house. I actually found a few other things, but not my keys. Tomorrow I suck it up and go down to the dealership.

But Christmas! 

We had a great, surprisingly unstressful time. 

Here is the only picture you really need to see, taken by Kim (who is strangely absent from these pictures):


Yes, that's my husband tossing my child through the air to his brother. They were both water polo players in their youths, and apparently they felt the need to relive those days, using Maria in place of a ball.

 The rest of these holiday pictures are optional, if very cute.

Xmas2012 004



Is it okay for a four year old boy and a two year old girl to have what can only be described as a crush on their glamorous, nine year old NYC cousin?

Photo (69)

Jeff made everyone play Rock Band.

Photo (71)
Photo (68)

Photo (70)


Uncle Paul, once again winning Maria's affections. What is his secret??

Photo (72)

We had a lovely little birthday celebration for Kurt. Marlo and I accidentally bought gluten free cupcakes, and they were unanimously agreed to be the grossest cupcakes ever. Now we know.

Photo (74)
Photo (73)

On Christmas Eve, we left the kids with the friendly volunteers in the church basement nursery (familiar to me from previous years). Maria made it almost until the sermon before she started to howl so hard they came to get us.

And then we came home, and, while we waited for Santa, Kim took this picture:


3 thoughts on “Ho”

  1. once again thanks for the fruit basket.we have been enjoying it all day.nice pictures. and sorry about your keys. have you talked to st. anthony? i will.he never fails me.take care.love you guys.


  2. try looking in your couch or a corner or kurts room, the pictures were wonderful! So glad you had a good Christmas my beautiful sister, loving your children, they are so cute and have sweet cousins…but your post was a day brightner!


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