Baby Arms Throw Hay

Maria is improving. Apparently, she had a whole day without tears yesterday.

For the record, I hated school too, so I feel guilty telling her how awesome school is when I send her off in the morning.  This is just one of the many totally hypocritical things I’ll be imposing on her as the years go on, so I guess we better both get used to it.

On Friday I went with her school on a field trip to the pumpkin patch. She took vague notice of the pumpkins.

Photo (42)

Then sat down on one of them and demanded a cookie.

Photo (43)

Which means that my attempts to potty train her by giving her a cookie when she sits on the potty have somehow taught her that she gets a cookie when she sits upon any random object. 

Besides the bus we rode to get to the patch, her favorite parts of the trip were the old metal pipe that was set up for the kids to run through…

Photo (46)

…and the hay pit, or whatever this is:

Photo (44)

(Hay melee?)

Photo (45)

 Jeff has been singing a song to Maria since birth called, “Baby Arms,” which he made up. It’s a ripping little ditty about how baby arms go up and down, and well, just watch:

3 thoughts on “Baby Arms Throw Hay”

  1. Super! Lots of changes, all seemingly for the good. Loooove both children’s version of Baby Arms. Great song Jeffrey!
    Thanks for posting Jayne!!!


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