Summer Is Here At Last!

It took us until mid-September, but we finally had an actual beach day. It was lovely.

Photo (28)

Kurt made us chase him around the sand and the ocean and never showed any signs of wanting to stop.  Maria lasted maybe ten minutes in the ocean before she began to shiver violently. Maria 's utter lack of body fat is a major obstacle to her goal of becoming a mermaid. Anyway, after that she mostly played in the sand next me as I reclined beneath the Umbrella of Awesomeness (my birthday gift from Jeff's parents).

Photo (36)
Photo (35)
Photo (33)
Photo (30)
Photo (26)
Photo (32)

Plenty has been going on these days and I almost certainly owe you an email, message, call or Skype, but I appear to be even more disorganized and incapacitated than usual, so please stand by whilst I get my crap together in the next week or so.

7 thoughts on “Summer Is Here At Last!”

  1. that reminds of the tetloffs childhoods ah the beach with the wonderful sand and water, its where my mind goes when I am stressed, thanks for the lovely pictures of the kiddies..don’t worry theres something going around where we all are kind of disorganized but I am trying to get better!! love ya


  2. WooHoo – stopping and enjoying the beach is an awesome way to regroup. There’s a great poem that in part states something like – dust and cobwebs will have to stay – I’m taking time to be with my children today. Nice to see the 4 of you together.
    Give the camera to Jeffrey sometimes – we want to see you too:)


  3. I’m glad to see you all taking time off to enjoy your new surroundings, the beach looks wonderful and the kids look very happy. Enjoy the moment and eventualy you will be all caught up as less stress will increase your gotta get it done attitude. Also, Grandpa Bob and Grandma Marlo have it stated very well, pass the camera off so we can see you too.
    Miss you guys.


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