Almost Everything Is Boinga Here

There is an episode of the Backyardigans in which the characters travel to Mars and find an adorable baby Martian who has been calling Earth on her mom's cell phone. Yeah it's cute. But I would like to say that in real life when you find out that your two year old has been calling a distant place, say another country, it is not nearly so amusing.

A couple of weeks ago I casually looked down at the call record on my cell phone and noticed a number had been called seventeen times. SEVENTEEN TIMES. It was a Santa Barbara number. In fact, it was my friend Linda (whom I really had been meaning to call, since I'm going to be in town soon and all). Closer inspection also revealed that Maria had somehow managed to put Linda on my "Favorites" list (no argument there). This is when I realized: 1. Maria thinks I should be staying in closer touch with Linda. 2. There might be a real problem with letting Maria play with my phone.

I've looked down occasionally over the last few months and noticed that Maria had my phone and was calling someone, sure. This is a natural inadvertent outcome of how well phones are engineered these days. On an iPhone, you just need to hit a name, and boom, you're calling that person. 

I must point out that my contacts list of phone numbers is wirelessly synced with Jeff's contacts list and Jeff never, NEVER deletes people from his contacts lists. A quick glance through the contacts stored in my phone right now reveals that we still have numbers for:

1. Businesses that no longer exist.

2. Dead people.

3. People we haven't spoken to in ten years because life is complicated and people grow apart in these troubled times.

4. Parents of people categorized under #2 and #3.

5. People we haven't spoken to in ten years because they went almost incoherently insane when I called them to tell them I was engaged and would they please be one of my bridesmaids. (Okay, that was really just one person, my best friend from high school, but the point is, her number is still in my phone, thanks to Jeff.)

This is a recipe for further disaster is all I'm saying.

Kurt didn't really do this at Maria's age. When he had my phone he earnestly and fruitlessly tried to play the games. Maria has zero interest in phone games. She knows what a phone is for, and she's going to use it.

We're in the final countdown before the move and I'm feeling it. Complicated emotions, bittersweet goodbyes, awkwardness all around. Plus the kids and Jeff got sick. Because why not.

Among the many goodbyes we said this week, we said goodbye to Kim, Kurt's music therapist of all the last year. She introduced him to just about every percussion instrument there is, and he loved all of them. Here he is yesterday snuggling up to a drum.


7 thoughts on “Almost Everything Is Boinga Here”

  1. Stressful for sure with the big move coming up but rest assured that Maggie and Kitten will be well taken care of. Why? Because everyone at work knows they are family kitties under a lot of stress and my coworkers will go out of their way to make sure their stay with us is comfortable with lots of extra loving attention.


  2. Your best friend from high school did that?! OK, I know that’s not what this post is about, but that’s crazy.
    Also, I had a dream about Kurt last night, how crazy is that? In my dream, he was doing GREAT. Someone I used to teach with was in it, too, someone I haven’t thought of in years. She would come into my classroom and help whoever needed help at the time. And she agreed that Kurt was doing AWESOME. (Or awesomely?)


  3. Wow, it is all coming to a final date. We are excited to have you back in the United States, but wish we could spare you the organizing, packing and leaving your home of almost 3 years. None of this can be easy. Hopefully it will all be worthwhile!


  4. Maria looks like she is a smart girl, I wonder how she will be as a teenager with the magical phones they will have by then..I hope your move and trip is joyful even though its stessful…EVERYBODY will be thinking about you all…


  5. Hi Jayne I love reading your blog.I know you, Jeff and the kids are going thru a stresssful time right now, but I feel your family is going to come through this life change for the better once you are settled. I sure am glad that they didn’t have cell phones when Bryan and Heidi were small,but
    then again,when Bryan at age two hit me in the nose and broke it with the good old style reciever handle,I may want to rethink that last statement. Keep us updated on the big move and if there is anything I can do to help,let me know.
    Take care and we love you guys, Kevin and family


  6. I’m assuming that you guys sync with your google contacts? If so, there’s a way that you can keep them in google but not have them sync to your phone… You create a group for anybody like that (‘no phone’ or something), and then you remove them from “My Contacts”… you’ll still have them in the other group, but they won’t sync to your phone. (At least that works for me… probably depends on exactly how you have everything set up…)
    Anyway, one week until SB!!


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