Last Hike Up Christmas Hill

After a spring of indisputably sucky weather, we actually had a few hours of relative warmth and sunshine in which to frolic this very afternoon. We chose our location wisely. 



In two weeks, we'll be back in the States. In the meantime, we're supposed to be keeping our house clean so that our landlord can show it to potential renters. This is not a task we're up to under the best of circumstances, and right now the house, like our lives, is a wreck. It's not like I thought we'd get our deposit back anyway, I guess.

3 thoughts on “Last Hike Up Christmas Hill”

  1. Beautiful setting. So nice that you have some wonderful memories of Victoria. It was quite an interesting, complicated, yet good (almost) 3 years. We will heartily welcome you back to the States.


  2. I shall miss them so much.It has been such a joy to have them next door,and to watch Kurt and Maria growing,just like having extra grandkids,I have come to love them so much. They are good people and been a lovely addition to my life,the most pleasant neighbours we have ever had. So take care of them America,Canada has lost out here.


  3. I’m glad you made some wonderful friends! Canada will miss you but the united states welcome you all back! Kurt got a hair cut! He looks cute; yay Maria is getting some shiny hair growing in. Were not moving and our house always looks like a wreck, we have no exuse..love ya..anne


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