And Now Back To Our Intermittently Scheduled Programming

Despite the drama, we continue to go about our daily lives. We went to the Royal Bristish Columbia Museum for the first time a week ago. The reason it took us two years to visit despite my total love of museums (I've been to the National Mining Hall of Fame and Museum in Leadville, Colorado, for instance. It's kind of neat, actually!) is that I feared what the boy would do in an environment where you aren't supposed to touch anything. 

But he did okay! He only tried to crawl into a few exhibits, including the woolly mammoth one, and seriously, can you blame him?

Photo (5)

The RBCM has a helluva view of the parliament buildings and the Inner Harbour.

Photo (4)


Another display I had to coax him out of was this realistic coastal diorama.

Photo (6)


Meanwhile, here he is on a real beach, Bunny in tow, at Witty's Lagoon. (The waterfalls are gushing and gorgeous this time of year!)

Photo (2)


Maria continues to take pleasure in small things. Tunnels, for instance, where she can sit and contentedly play with her little green light-up worm, which was described by my mother-in-law as looking like a penis.

Photo (3)

 I bring this up only because my mother-in-law, Marlo, is not in the habit of commenting when something looks like penis. So I have to assume that if she was moved to do so in this case, it must really, really look like a penis. Which is not to say that my mother-in-law is without a sense of humor. She definitely has one. It just doesn't usually involve penis jokes.

(She's also funny by accident, often because she is totally without irony. She is as sincere and straight as they come. A couple of years ago she was driving me somewhere and we got to talking about bees, because we have a beekeeper on our street. Marlo mentioned something to me about bees being endangered, and this was news to me back then, so I asked her to tell me more. She said, "Well, in the realm of beedom, there's this controversy…"

Wait, in the realm of beedom?? 

She completely lost me there. I have no idea what point she was trying to make because I was a million miles away, watching the bees jousting on horseback and flying their little crimson banners as they rode off on the Crusades.)

Anyway, Marlo is very happy we're moving back. She should also be happy to know that right after I took this picture…

Photo (7)

…Maria fell off her little play motorcycle and seems to have a total aversion to such motorcycles now. With any luck, this will turn into a life long fear, and both Marlo and I will have one less thing to worry about.

5 thoughts on “And Now Back To Our Intermittently Scheduled Programming”

  1. This post made me laugh. Mostly because of the realm of beedom and because I totally agree that if Marlo said that something looks like a penis, it must really, really look like a penis.
    (Hi Marlo)


  2. the kids look cute as always, I bet the museum was fun..I used to have good talks with mom and bobbie (charlies mom) about stuff such as beedom..and Lisa too, she better get wee so we can have more talks! Did Kurt fall down? I noticed some scratches on his face? He is a beautiful boy anyways..love ya


  3. YOU – can really make us smile. Thanks. And, yes, may Maria (and Kurt, and Jeffrey) have lifelong motorcycle aversions) 🙂


  4. I don’t know if Marlo will be REAL happy with you moving back if you keep posting Marlo stories. But, I must admit she comes by it naturally I’m sure you’ve heard many Momo Verna stories.


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