When It’s Right, It’s Right

After my deeply depressing attempt to get Kurt into preschool last spring, which was followed by a somewhat depressing search for preschools this past fall, during which I learned that lots of preschools are perfectly happy to take special needs kids as long as they don't, you know, have any special needs, I was feeling sort of frustrated. I knew I should be looking for a place for fall 2012 just in case we don't get deported. But on the other hand, asking me to plan for anything other than the worst case scenario can be sort of a tall order.

Nevertheless, I got myself together and went on a visit to a school in our neighborhood, a place I had not considered before mainly because it's housed in the basement of an Anglican church, and I feared it might be Jesus-y.  (Though I'm certain there is no shortage of fine Jesus oriented preschools out there, the Anglican church is not a flavor I'm familiar with. Sure, it seems gentle enough, with the whole "vicar" thing they've got going on, but you never know.). It turns out that the preschool just rents the space.

And while Kurt was there at the visit, playing with the trains and looking perfectly comfortable, the teacher told me they'd definitely have a space in the fall. But more importantly, they had a space right away.

Oh, I told her, but he would need an aide, and I really have no idea how long it would take to arrange that sort of thing.

Well, it turns out that the teacher knew exactly how to arrange that sort of thing. Five days later, Kurt had his first day. It went pretty well. I hung around outside the door and he only needed to come see me once. The second day was the snow day. (How lucky is this kid? I never got single snow day in all my years growing up in California, and he gets one on his second day of school!) But on the third day I didn't need to stay at all.

Anyway, here's the place:


Photo (4)


He has a cubby!

Photo (3)


And here he is, just outside the circle of kids, playing peekaboo scarves with his fearless aide Amy. This picture was taken through the window. I have other stalking pictures, but this one was I guess the most illustrative.

Photo (6)


So there you go. Kurt started preschool. He likes it. What the hell?

3 thoughts on “When It’s Right, It’s Right”

  1. Woo hoo and hurrah, great job on being persistent and advocating for Kurt! He sure did choose one terrific mommy.


  2. Hey he inherited you and Jeffs love for learning!
    I am so glad he likes school! what a sweet kid!
    I bet Maria will love school too…


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