Snow Day

Snow Day rules, which I just made up today, include but are not limited to: shorts, popsicles,unlimited television and no housework.

All various therapy and small child related activity was cancelled. Every school in the city was closed except for Jeff's (of course).  Meanwhile, our walk and long driveway was shoveled and salted by our neighbor, a nice guy whose name I can never remember, mainly because I have prematurely aged to the point where all athletic white guys in their early to mid twenties are looking disturbingly alike. (Also, I'm not sure how to reciprocate. Do you tip people who shovel things for you? Send them alcohol? I think I'm going with the alcohol, but if anyone has a better idea, let me know.)

Kurt has discovered that snowballs are awesome. These were taken yesterday, before things really got going, snow-wise, but there was still plenty to enjoy.


Here is a representative image of how Maria feels about the snow:


And yet she's the only natural Canadian in the family.

3 thoughts on “Snow Day”

  1. Love your rules – yep Snow Days are total do-what-you-want-free-days! Thanks for the chuckle … although, poor Maria. She DOES hate the cold.
    ‘Twould be fun to have a mini snowball toss game with Kurt!


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