Christmas Cards You Won’t Be Getting

We're still in California and the SUN! Oh, the sun.

I'm ninety-nine percent resigned to the idea that Christmas cards were just never going to happen this year. It would have involved getting a picture of the four of us with our eyes open. Then I would have had to mail them. I'm not sure which of those things were more unlikely.

But in our travels over the last week, I have accosted people and had them take these two pictures of us. It gives me hope for next year.



Dec 17and18 447

Dec 17and18 505

4 thoughts on “Christmas Cards You Won’t Be Getting”

  1. Those are VERY card-worthy shots! Which doesn’t mean you are obligated to mail them out. 🙂 We decided to take this year off of mailing cards. And I breathed a big sigh of relief.


  2. it was SO wonderful to see you guys and glad that you were there for Lisa and kevin rewedding vows..those babys are so cute, you made us all happy by coming THANKS..hope you have more happy-fun times in the next week on Christmas, give Jeffs parents a “Merry Christmas” from me…


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