Surf’s Up, Apparently

For our morning outing today we got bundled up and went to to the beach, it being beautiful and sunny and all but somewhere around forty degrees (five degrees Celsius). We were not the only ones. The playground at Willow Beach was pretty well attended. Here's Maria in her typical insouciance: 



Eventually the kids wandered down to the water. Kurt was at the very edge, throwing rocks. I thought, It's okay. It's freezing, but he's got his snow boots on. And it's not like he's going to WADE IN or anything….


But of course a minute later I looked up and saw this….


…providing further evidence that children are insane. Maria tried to wander in after him. It was a cold, wet, graham cracker-filled drive home. Hopefully Kurt's snow boots will dry before spring.

But Jeff's last classes were today (woohoo!) and our fake (and fake-looking) tree has been carefully erected and trimmed with unbreakable ornaments.

4 thoughts on “Surf’s Up, Apparently”

  1. Ahhhh, the lure of the open seas 🙂 Sorry it was you who had to dry-out the troops, but we do appreciate the smiles you gave us as we read about your adventure with the children!


  2. Just caught up on your blog for the first time in awhile…your writing makes me smile. And yes, children are insane. It certainly keeps life from ever being boring, not that there was a chance of that! 🙂


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