Life Is A Blur

Upon the awesomeness of October follows the suckiness of November: cold, dark, damp, miserable. And rarely has it ever brought good news.

However, I've missed most of it, because I went back to work.

Though I plan to work part time, the orientation to the hospital has been full time. This necessitated many changes to our lifestyle, the biggest of which was that we required childcare. Childcare is expensive and hard to find. Just when I started to despair, a friend rented us her wonderful mom, Dixie. Experienced, competent, and totally unfazed by Kurt, Dixie was a godsend.

Work is pretty much what I remember. It's alternately humbling and gratifying, and it takes up your whole day. Then you get money.

The hospital where I work is brand new and really, really nice. Being a nurse in Canada is not much different than being a nurse in the United States, except that when you remove insurance and billing from the scheme of things, there's a lot less paper work.

Somewhere in the time vortex of the last month, Jeff's parents came to visit us. It was a lovely visit, but I was at work for a lot of it, so I didn't get many pictures. But here's one:



 Maria continues to brim with personality.


 By the way, please observe the following:



See the way she hangs off the desk like that, with her legs over her head? Is that normal baby behavior? 



Kurt, no slouch when it comes to personality brimming himself, declined to have his picture taken with his grandparents. But he let me take this one (that thing in his mouth is kind of like a kazoo):



I tried to get him to walk the plank at Cadboro Bay, but he decided to sit on the plank instead. It was a total breach of pirate protocol, but Kurt plays by his own rules.

Photo (60)

About two months ago, Kurt started music therapy once a week at the conservatory here in town. The first day was a disaster. After that day we called it "music school" instead of "music therapy" and he has loved it ever since. I don't know if it will result in any actual music skills, but it makes him so dazzlingly happy that I really don't care.

Photo (64)

Since I've worked the last three weekends, we really haven't had many family outings, and when we finally ventured out last Friday to Rithet's Bog, it was picturesque….

Photo (66)

…as well as so (insert very long colorful creative filthy obscenity here) cold, the children were pretty much sobbing for about half of it. I sobbed on the inside, which is harder than it sounds. 

November has nine days left to redeem itself before I really start holding a grudge.

2 thoughts on “Life Is A Blur”

  1. wonderful pictures! Maria is getting hair, I remeber hanging like that in school on the monkey bars! the Picture with Jeff and Maria is sweet! I wish we could visit again..I have been sobbing alot too but not on the inside..I have been letting it out…love you, she is going to be a beautiful girl you can tell..!anne


  2. Loved your post – November has, indeed, not given you joy in the past couple of years. Hope November, 2012 is MUCH nicer to you.


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