Maria's Milestones

Maria is eighteen months old!


Alas, I have no height and weight. But she is very small. Her clothes keep getting shorter, so she must be growing, I guess. 

Four facts about the shorty of the family:

1. She is a seriously busy little person, and her most favorite game of all time is "What is my brother doing?" Maria plays this game all day, every day. If Kurt is playing with his trains, Maria is suddenly "playing" with Kurt's trains. If he's playing with his marbles, he clearly needs Maria's assistance. It gets to the point where Kurt sobs and desperately searches for some corner of the house she can't get to or some surface she can't climb up on, and of course, his options are dwindling because Maria will try to climb anything. Anything. And she will follow Kurt anywhere.

2. She has a lot of words, but I couldn't say for sure how many. Thirty? Forty? A lot. Mostly Jeff and I are the only ones who understand them. She's weak on saying Mommy and Daddy and Kurt and basically any name except Pablo, whose name she says a hundred times a day, usually while giving him kisses. 

3. I know you're not supposed to let babies watch TV. I know, okay? Kurt watched very, very little TV before the age of two, mostly because he just never showed any interest. But he didn't have any older siblings. Kurt watches TV now, and unless I were to get really creative about keeping Maria isolated from the TV and her brother (and the chances of my parenting getting creative are really quite slim at this point), it means that she's watching along with him. She has a precocious interest in TV and its inner workings that her brother lacked. You know it's bad when your baby picks up the remote, toddles over to you, puts the remote in your hand and says, simply, "Arr?" indicating that she would like to watch the pirate episode of Backyardigans. Again.

4. She is an unabashed daddy's girl. Just completely adores Jeff, lights up at the sight of him, and can be seen daily weeping at the door when he leaves for work.

Remember when she was still in the NICU, living in her clear plastic display case? Sometimes I like to go back to this post and watch the video of her looking around with that worried look that was the clearest indication she was my child….

4 thoughts on “Maria is eighteen months old!”

  1. wow she has come along way from her little tiny self, she is a pretty girl!! She is going to be good for Kurt , she will push him into doing stuff….Theres something special about dads, I remeber walking with our dad as a little kid and feeing so proud to be walking with him! She is doing so good and you dress her so cute…she dress nice and colorful the way you did too! love ya


  2. Adorable. Wonderful post. So glad we were with the 4 of you recently – we can vouch for your facts 100%. 🙂


  3. 18 months, is that all? Seems like so long ago that little Maria entered the world. And cute how she adores her big brother, although he looks for private time. That’s going to happen throughout their life time. 🙂


  4. The commercials on Nickelodeon assure me that it is educational and “like school”! So, no worries there! 😉 Seriously, though, as long as they do other stuff, too, I don’t see the big deal.
    Can’t wait to see her (and the rest of you)!


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