What Do You Do With A Scurvy Pirate?

Kurt is sick with a tummy bug. Regular readers are familiar with Kurt's stance during times of illness: lying on the couch in his nest of blankets and staring dully at the TV. Today he's even refusing popsicles, which can only mean this thing is for real.

In addition to the general heartbreak that comes when one of your babies is suffering pathetically, I'm disappointed that he doesn't get to go treat-or-treating, because this is the first year he can actually say, with prompting, "Trick or Treat," and seems to have grasped that this phrase, delivered at the appropriate time, results in candy somehow (as evidenced by the fact that he occasionally just says "trickortreatCANDY!"). I say somehow because when we practiced on the Trick-or-Treat trail at Enchanted Halloween yesterday, he seemed confused that people were handing him things after he said the magic phrase. I'm not sure if he thought candy would just appear in his hand or fall from the sky or what.

Anyway, we had plans to go to a Halloween party and take them on their first trick-or-treating adventure, and those plans have been cancelled. So I'm really glad that we went to aforementioned Halloween event with the Grandparents Niehaus. It was as charming as last year, and Grandma Marlo was on hand to take lots of pictures.

The kids were pirates. Once Maria got used to the eye patch…



…she absolutely loved everything. Loved to be in costume, loved the eye patch, and loved saying "Arr!" to anyone who asked. She was, without a doubt, the boldest pirate on the sea (who also carried a toy Pablo).



Kurt was not exactly the boldest pirate on the sea, but he was pretty cute.


Family portrait:


More on the grandparents' visit and my new job soon!


4 thoughts on “What Do You Do With A Scurvy Pirate?”

  1. those are so cute pictures!!! the babies are so sweet! I am so sorry Kurt got sick, thats kind of a tetloff trait, getting sick on the holidays…(when we were kids)…


  2. OhMAAAAN – so sorry to hear the tummy thing wasn’t a quick little bout! Did Maria get to say BOO to anyone? 🙂 Please keep us posted on the sickies –
    hope they don’t get passed around to each of you.
    Get Well quickly Kurt!


  3. Oh boy, sorry Kurt got sick he has lots of Halloweens to catch up! Precious Pictures. Halloween isn’t half the fun it used to be unless you have some little relatives or friends with little kids nearby. We had about 30 kids come trick a treating at work and 57 kids last night the littlest were the best.


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