Day 7 of 16: NYC to Boston

I am writing this, a little wrung out, in a very comfy hotel bed with a hell of a view. We woke up this morning in the apartment of the New York Niehomes, drove to the Newark airport to pick up rental cars, and then made our way through New York state and Connecticut to Massachusetts. It was darkish by the time we got here, but one of my favorite things about this crowd is that they’re generally up for anything. So we got on the subway and went to visit Harvard Yard, which looks exactly like Harvard Yard should look (note my Rainman-esque phone photo) and Aunt Kim showed us her dorm building from the days of yore. We also ate tasty pizza of yore at Pinnochio’s after she gave us a tour of Harvard Square. Crimson themed clothing was purchased for the offspring, and then we headed back to crash.

Well, except Maria, who perked up nicely right before bed, pointing at her bottle enthusiastically and crying,”..ilk! ..”…ilk!”
Two weeks ago she had a word or two. Now I can confidently confirm that she says “shoe,” “train,” “up,” “uh-oh,” “go” and who knows what else. Her cousins have showered her with attention. Coincidence?

And as for Kurt, a new category of words opened for him tonight as he looked out the window over the city lights: geographical locations! “Boston!” he said repeatedly and cheerfully.

I think we like New England.

Day 7 of 16: NYC to Boston

2 thoughts on “Day 7 of 16: NYC to Boston”

  1. Wow you can you adopt us? Your kids are getting to be such great, educated travellers! Are you already picking colleges for them?


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