Day 6 of 16: St. Louis to NYC

And what a day it was! We hit the airport early and made it to New York by early afternoon. A yummy bagel sandwich was our first priority. Then we met up with my sister-in-law at her apartment and went over to my brother-in- law’s campaign headquarters, or The Bunker, as it is referred to amongst those who dwell there. It was pretty neat, and despite it being a Republican building, no water boiled upon my entrance.

Then we got to meet up with our niece and nephew, still wearing the shiny glow from their last day at camp. We had some ice cream and some conversation until it was time for us to go out into an amazing thunderstorm to see The Book of Mormon. I was curious about this musical for some time, ever since I first read about the concept. Then our family here in New York, who has been known to have good taste in these sorts of things, insisted we come and see it. I laughed so hard I may have actually knocked some cynical bone in me permanently loose. It was very, very good.

Day 6 of 16: St. Louis to NYC

Day 6 of 16: St. Louis to NYC

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