Day 5 of 16: Sorry Aunt Jo!

Little did I know people are actually reading this blog occasionally, and some of you complained that I failed to cover day four. It's not like nothing happened on day four. I was just tired.

In fact, this happened on day 4:


Jayne 958 

We met up with the Great Grandparents, who were on the quiet side but seemed happy to see us, and Maria gave them kisses, when not swimming or pole dancing.

Yeah. Here she is on the pole:

Jayne 983 

Today the kids just swam at the local pool. Kurt was moving too fast to be captured on film, so here's Maria again:

Jayne 997 

It's worth noting that today was the day I was supposed to die. Unless a meteor hits this house in the next hour and forty five minutes, it looks like I made it. Once again, I procrastinate.

Tomorrow, New York City and The Book of Mormon. Rock on.

2 thoughts on “Day 5 of 16: Sorry Aunt Jo!”

  1. TODAY was the day you were supposed to die? Then what was all that “waah, I’m dying” stuff all these years, if you knew you weren’t going to die until today? (In other news, don’t die.)


  2. Cute blog, the pole dancing one definitely save for her wedding pictures-it looks like her little hairs are coming in fine and dark! Looks like you guys are having a great time….while the rest of us are working!! But secretly I remember raising and traveling with little kid(s) is alot like work except you get a break and share them (and appreciate them from the other side of the table).


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