Home Is Where The Heart (And All Your Crap) Is

We are still home and it is still awesome.

Our cats decided that they're not getting enough attention and thus orchestrated a sickout. I know it seems unlikely that two cats who have never shown excessive amounts of guile or intelligence could pull something like that off. But how else do I explain that, no less than three weeks after they both got a clean bill of health at their check ups, they both suddenly develop identical limps in their back left legs? They also decided to stop eating, to make it more realistic. 

But I'm game, so we took them back to the vet, who said The Kitten tore his ACL (too much basketball, I guess), and that Phoebe has, well, hmm….a limp. A mysterious limp. I know! Fake, right?

Except that she's thin, suddenly. When you weigh ten pounds, a little weight loss is really noticeable. And after thirteen years, she seems frail. It's troublesome. So while The Kitten seems to be bouncing back in short order, Phoebe is still not doing well. But at least she's not hiding.



Both cats have gotten a lot more exercise lately, what with having to dodge two mobile children instead of one, even though Maria is still not walking. She's close. Really, really close.



But just not quite ready to do it on her own. She is, however, climbing. It's terrifying. She is thisclose to climbing out of her crib. Last week she threw herself repeatedly down the slide with abandon. These crazy genes did not come from me.

 Kurt remains a fascinating study in contrasts.


He did really well during the traveling, as he usually does. He would wake up in the morning and immediately go look out the front window at the driveway to check on the cars and make sure they were still all there, much the way he does at home. Occasionally, he chanted our address in a voice that was merely hopeful at the beginning of the trip, but tinged with despair the longer we were away.

Even now, he can be heard on the balcony exclaiming our address and cataloging its inhabitants in a joyous outcry: "3– K—- Street! Daddy! Maria! Phoebecat! Kitten!"

Mommy never makes it in there for some reason, and he often forgets that last number in our address. But it's still pretty cute.

2 thoughts on “Home Is Where The Heart (And All Your Crap) Is”

  1. Our two remaining cats are slowing down too, mama kitty left us a year or so ago, the fish died yesterday, but he in god’s aquarium now. I think the house will be too quiet without any pets so maybe we will get a nother dog. your kids are so cute, Maria will be up and running quick and it looks like her hair is coming in! love ya…anne


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